The Court Case

A lot of people within the SEO industry have been speculating as to why I’m in court and therefore missing BrightonSEO. Some are putting me in the same bracket as that awful piece of shit, Charles Floate, saying that I’m some nonce who got

Another Day Hustling In The Whitstable SEO Tundra

It’s Spring in Whitstable!. Thank fuck for that! It’s been an awful winter for me for a number of reasons, both personally and professionally. Early last month I was fired as Action Carpet’s Official SEO Consultant for the 4th time in 3 years! Just what I

The Google SEO Hangout Hell Holes

I love a good Google SEO Hang out. I normally settle down in front of my computer after a long hard day in front of my computer, with a pizza in one hand and a can of Dr Pepper in the other. I then

The Top Ten Hottest Females In SEO 2014

I know what you’re thinking. Kevin Bland is being a sexist pig! Well this time you’re wrong. When I say “Hottest Females in SEO” I actually mean “Most Talented”  as in who is totally amazing at what they do. The reason why I put

The Kevin Bland’s Guide To BrightonSEO

Photo by The Awesome Will Barnes (AKA The Sex Wanter) One of the most inspiring moments of my life was when I got kicked out of BrightonSEO for spitting on the back of one of the guest speakers, when actually I was choking on some