How to Own The SERPs And Get Women At The Same Time – Ebook (COMING SOON)

For as long as SEO has been a thing, SEOs have found it incredibly hard to have success in the SERPs and success with women at the same time. For the majority, they have never even seen a vagina in real life!


The social awkwardness and retardation of the sex hormone within web marketing workers has been a common thing ever since 1997, when the internet was born.

So I feel it’s only proper that I do something about this.

I am currently writing a revolutionary new ebook which finally solves the problem most SEOs have, of ranking and wanking alone.
In my new ebook I will show

– How rank highly for competitive terms and get some action with women

– Technics to attract links and hot looking females

– Actionable link building and sex tips

– How to rank for any keyword and make women like you in THAT WAY!!

– How to make money online while sitting on a beach with naked women

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