I’m Getting A Name For Myself In The Big Inbound Circles

It’s no surprise to hear that my name is being mentioned in very important circles within SEO / Inbound Ninjery and Content Marketing. I know that I was spoken about very highly at MozCon last month, even though I wasn’t there, but  people we’re still sharing my stuff left right and centre and saying stuff like..

This guy knows how to do awesome!


Who is Kevin Bland? Is he some sort of Inbound Messiah?

In answer to these questions that everyone and their dog has been asking…

YES! I do know how to do awesome, especially in boring niches like carpet!
YES! I am a bit like a messiah as I speak the truth and guide people to inbound success and freedom by thinking well outside the box.



Anyway, my point is that my work and reputation in the industry is at an all time high and I put this down to my dedication to the industry. If you work hard, like me, and dedicate time to your craft, you too can become well respected and well paid.

With all this success in beating off my competitors within one of the internet’s most competitive niches, comes some new friends in very high places.

Only the other day I got an email from Rand who sent me this lovely photo of him, supporting my own personal brand.

Rand love the shit seo


And to top it off I got a personal message of thanks from Mike King ( @ipullrank ) when I sent him a personalised birthday card to celebrate his 40th year on this awesome piece of rock.

I feel I need to share with you my tactics on becoming an A-list celebrity within SEO / Inbound Marketing, and have already penned a first draft of an exciting new e-book that I’m going to be giving away very soon.

Anyway, thanks for listening to one of my diary entries. Stay safe and keep creating awesome!!

Love Kevin Bland

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