Ever wondered what carpet the rich and famous of the celebrity world have in their luxury houses and appartments?

You do!!!

Well so do I. That’s why me and the guys over at Action Carpets have put together this pretty in depth and data heavy infographic, providing people with everything they need to know about what carpets celebrities buy.

With this infographic, we are blowing open the large oak doors of the A list celebs, so that you the viewer can get access to some inside industry knowledge on exactly what celebrity likes what type of carpet.

As I mentioned before, this infographic was so successful that the client performed a sex act on his wife right in front of me in his office when he saw it.

It also attracted links from Twitter, and a few of my SEO friends on Twitter. It blew up in my face and then went on to blow up in other peoples’ faces, and still blows up to this very day.

Make sure you share this infographic with everyone and please link back to this site. Shit, you can even embed this bad boy on your own blog (but not tumblr as that’s not the type of link I want pointing to my site)

celebrity carpet

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