An Interview with the 2nd best Kevin in the world – Kevin Raposo

It was July in sunny hot Canterbury, Kent. I was sweating really badly around my balls and arse. My massive inner thighs were rubbing together like two fat pigs jostling for position at the troff, which was causing me a lot of discomfort. I decided to go into the nearest KFC toilets, pull down my black joggers, put one leg up on the basin counter and lightly splash water onto the effected areas of my lower regions.

Kevin Blands Chaf

At that very moment, I looked into the mirror at my awful self and thought, people need to know the hidden depths of the well known people in SEO. What makes them tick, what do they like doing in their spare time etc.

So I rushed home and emailed every well known SEO I could find to see if they would like to be interviewed.


This is a very special day for me as I’m conducting my first ever interview with one of my favourite people within the SEO and inbound trickery industry.

Kevin Raposo - A Sexy block of SEO meat - Not my words, but his.

Kevin Raposo – A Sexy block of SEO meat – Not my words, but his.

Kevin Raposo is one of the most competent SEOs I know and writes awesome stuff on various websites about tech and other stuff. He is also one of the best sex men in the business, can attract women in the same way dead bodies attract flies.

He was one of the first people to interact with me on Twitter and has now become one of my best friends.  I long for the day he can come over to the UK and join in with one of my Warhammer meet ups and maybe take part in “oral forfeit night”.

Anyway, on to the interview…

KB: Kevin, you’re known in the industry as a bloody nice guy and very knowledgeable about all things tech. If you could create the gadget of your dreams and have it instantly made, what would it be and what would you call it?

KR: The flash light has already been invented so I can’t think of anything else that I would need.

KB: HAHAHAHA!!! You are one crazy motherfucker! LOLZ

KB: Every day you will see a post about “What’s the future of SEO?” or someone asking the question “What is the future of SEO?” Well this site is no different. What do you think the future of SEO is and do you think Rand Fishkin will ever father a child?


Like this robotic fortune teller, can Kevin Raposo tell us the future of SEO? Read on to find out!

Like this robotic fortune teller, can Kevin Raposo tell us the future of SEO? Read on to find out!


KR:  Ugh, I really hate this topic. I feel like someone came up with the idea of “The Future of SEO” as filler because they couldn’t think of any other interesting topic for their mediocre blog. Unfortunately, everybody followed suit. These posts are exhausting and tiresome and as a community, SEO’s need to cut this shit out. How about practicing what you preach and letting the future take care of itself.

I don’t know if Rand will father or child or not. Personally, it’s none of my business. However, I do know this: if he ever did father a child, and it was a boy, that kid would have a better mustache than me any day of the week.

KB: Most SEOs have an interesting story about how they got into SEO and most of the time they go like this “I got sacked from my job at (X) so I thought I’d try out SEO”. How did you first get into SEO?


KR: My story is actually the opposite of how it usually goes. I was “promoted” to an SEO position. Technically a “linkbuilder”, or whatever we’re calling it these days. I was working for a small startup at the time, and they saw a real value in SEO. No one was doing it at the time so they elected me to learn SEO. I saw it as an opportunity and ran with it. The rest is history.


KB: If you could own any new start-up, what one would it be and why?

I would definitely call dibs on Slack, the enterprise communication tool. They’re rumored to be valued at $1 Billion, and they just started up in 2012! Yes Kevin, it’s all about the money!


KB: Who do you think is the best looking SEO / Inbound Marketer is?

KR: Rands Beard



KB: If you could have a link on any site, what site would that be and what anchor text would you have?

KR: It would naturally have to be the In a perfect world, the anchor text would read: “Check out this amazing interview on TheShitSEO Blog”


KB: If I gave you $200K and told you that you had 5 minutes to spend it otherwise I will shoot you in the face, what would you spend it on?

KR: Bitcoin


KB: The most competitive keyword I have ever ranked for is “Warhammer Sex Party”. What’s the most competitive keyword that you’ve ever ranked for?

KR: Home security – did pretty well with it too!~

KB: If you could be any Warhammer character what one would you be?

KR: Dechala the Denied One

Wise choice my friend.

Wise choice my friend.


KB: Who inspires you to be a better human being?

KR: Charles Floate



KB: If you can give a lonely and socially retarded SEO a sex tip, what would it be?

KR: Don’t seek out an SEO agency


KB: SEO or Inbound Marketing?

KR: ugh! (I think this is Kevin’s sex noise, which means he likes inbound better)


KB: What annoys you the most?

KR: Ass kissers

seo ass kissers


KB: How do you get links?

KR: Good ole fashioned emails. If the content is good, you’ll get the links, but even when the content is the best that’s out there, you still have to put in the right peoples hands. I’m a relationship builder, so I build long last relationships with influencers. It’s the long game, but it’s been working fine for me.

KB: Thank you Kevin. This has been an amazing interview. One of the best that I have ever conducted. Who would you like me to interview next?

KR: I’d love for you to interview Jason Acidre. He’s an awesome guy and someone who would appreciate a link from a powerhouse website like yours Kbomb!

KB: Thank you Kevin Raposo for your kind suggestion. Please leave now.

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