Don’t forget about aciDRE – Talking links, tattoos and stamp collecting with Jason Acidre.


In my early 30’s I started going to a lot of battle re-enactments all over the country, from Northampton to Yeovil, re-enacting lots of the famous battles in history like The Battle of Hastings, The Battle of Yeoman’s bridge and my personal favourite, The Battle of The Slippery Cock Sandwich (Local Kent battle in the 10th Century).

It was mainly to develop relationships outside of my Warhammer circles, and also to one day realise my fantasy for making love to a fair maiden while dressed in a suit of armour.

Link building is a bit like war. Not sure why, but it just is, and there isn’t a better person to go to war with than Jason Acidre, co-founder of Xight Interactive who also blogs about amazing stuff on his blog KaiserTheSage

This guy not only kicks serious ass within SEO, but I’m sure he would be a fucking animal when it comes to fighting alongside me against the Scottish wankers in the Battle of Bannockburn re-ennactment!

Not only is Jason an amazing Link Building War Machine, but he has “Dre” and “Acid” in his surname. You don’t get much cooler than that!

Anyway, on to the interview……………………………………………
KB: Hi Jason. Is it ok if I call you DRE?

JA: No.

KB: You’re known in the industry as a really cool guy who knows how to build links, writes amazingly
insightful stuff and generally the go to guy if you want SEO doing on your site. But what we all want to know is, when did you get those sick tattoos done on your left arm? They are dope!!!




JA: I had a small one back in 2011 on my forearm (my zodiac sign – Leo), but I’ve always known that I wouldn’t be contented with just one tattoo. It took me 3 years to almost fill the entire arm, and I’m still scheduled to have everything done (full sleeve on the left arm) before the year ends. Really excited to get this done, so I can move one and get started with the back piece.

KB: If you were a business owner of an online carpet supplier to trade and retail and you had $2000 to build some links, what would you do?

JA: I’d probably focus more on biz-dev link building approaches, like:

– Allocate more budget on content creation that will be regularly distributed to highly authoritative sites in the interior design and home improvement space (like,, etc…) – even if it means hiring influential bloggers in these niches.

– Reaching out and partnering up with other related businesses (interior design companies, furniture shops, etc…) that are also building their business online, wherein both parties can benefit by showcasing each side’s services/products through contextual linking.

– Investing on continuous content asset development and/or blogging – that are not just limited to carpets, but may also cover other topics that the site’s target audience is also interested in (interior design, home improvement, real estate, etc…).


KB: Who do you admire at this moment in time?

 JA: The Chicago Bulls. I just love their team’s mantra: “Patience, process and persistence. The results will take care of themselves.”


KB: I know you own a very successful business over in the Philippines, but if it all went tits up tomorrow, where would you love to work (what company)?

JA: There are so many options to choose from – as I may also consider choosing to just start all over again as a freelance consultant or perhaps start my own money sites. But just to answer the question, I’d probably go and work for these companies, if ever I’m given the chance to:

– Digital Room Inc.

– Doubledot Media LTD (again).


KB: Most people in the online marketing industry know who you are and what you are about, but for the people who don’t know, can you describe yourself in 20 words?

JA: Tough question. In 20 words or less: I’m the type of person who’ll always choose to think than talk and do what’s right over what I want.


KB: Meatloaf said that he would do anything for love, but he wouldn’t do that. What crazy thing would you do for a link?

JA: Hmm, I’m not really sure. Maybe sky dive, I’ve always wanted to try that. It would be a win-win, I guess.


KB: What’s the toughest thing about being Jason?

JA: I live a really simple life, and I always try to keep it that way. So I think that it’s not really that tough to be me. If there’s one thing, I guess it’s just that I don’t really like talking to people – I’m not aloof, it’s just that I’m easily distracted by my thoughts. I enjoy thinking about a lot of weird and deep ideas more than talking or interacting with other people.

KB: If you could have dinner with any 3 people, alive or dead, who would they be and why?


Lao Tzu – I’ve been following his teachings since college, so I’d definitely want to know more straight from the real sage.


Sun Tzu – I’ll listen to all his war stories.
Eichiro Oda (author of One Piece) – I just want to personally thank him for keeping me alive.


KB: What’s the single most overused link building tactic in your arsenal?

JA: Link baiting.

KB: If you had to be a Warhammer character what one would you be?

JA: I didn’t play Warhammer before. I was more into Magic, The Gathering back in high school and early college. But if I were to choose a character from the Warhammer series, I’d probably pick one from the Dark Elves (Shadowblade, perhaps).

Shadow Blade - The choice of Acidre


KB: Tell me something I didn’t know about you?

JA: I actually blogged about this a few weeks ago:

10 little known facts about me:

1. I used to collect vintage stamps (I think they’re worth millions now, but haven’t seen my collection for years now).

2. Well, I was a break dancer back in high-school. I’m surprised as well.

3. I enjoy watching fireworks (as I mentioned on my recent Ello post, they always seem to bring back the kid in me).

4. I secretly enjoy watching viral videos of wedding proposals, to get/steal/reinvent ideas – I hate to admit it, but yeah, I do want to get married.

5. Everyday, I spend 3-5 hours daydreaming. That’s the main reason why I’m quiet and alone most of the time (I’m not aloof, I’m just easily distracted by my thoughts).

6. Back when I was a kid, I used to do impromptu speech in front of my family every after dinner. Yep, I also dreamed of becoming a politician.

7. I had an imaginary friend back when I was 10 or something. Just a silly thing I did to diss my cousins (since they didn’t want to play with me, hahaha). Pretended for a month or so.

8. My life’s ultimate hero is Lao Tzu. Then, Eichiro Oda’s next.

9. Mulan is my favorite animated film, and I’m not fucking sure why.

10. I’m not a fan of horror flicks, but I did enjoy saving ghost stories from friends and relatives.
KB: If you could have a link on any site, which site would it be and what anchor text would you want?

JA: Google’s homepage – anchor text would be “Kaiser the Sage”.


KB: Imagine this, you had to get a tattoo on your chest of someone within the industry, or you will die. Who would you have on your left pectoral forever more and why?

JA: Roger Mozbot. He’s cute.


KB: Finally Jason, what’s hot at the moment in link building and do you have any advice for people who are trying to build links within tough niches like forex, payday loans and online carpets.?

JA: Relationships will always be hot in link building/search optimization. The more your brand is associated with other credible/trustworthy brands in your space, the more positive ranking signals you can build.

As for link builders who are in really tough niches, it’s best to understand what other sites in that particular space will need – in order for them to naturally link to you. Ask yourself these questions whenever you’re trying to acquire link:

– Is it possible for our site to get a link from this prospect?

– What does it take to get a link from this prospect?

– How much time would it take for us to get a link from this prospect? Is it worth it?

If you can give positive answers these questions, then you can probably come up with ton of efficient
link building ideas and processes that you can easily replicate.

Link building is more of a branding tool these days. Getting the links that will really drive more weightand impact for your campaign will require time, effort, creativity and sometimes a bigger budget. Invest on the right relationships.

KB: Jason, it’s been a pleasure. Thank you for taking the time to answer my hard hitting and difficult questions. I’m building up quite the reputation for being Paxmanesq.

Who would you like me to interview next Jason?

JA: Well I think it would be really cool if you could get an interview with AJ Ghergich AKA @SEO

KB: Jason, consider it done! Now please leave.

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