The Ultimate and Most Awesome Local SEO Guide For 2018

Want to Learn how to do “Local SEO”? Then You Have Come To The Right Place!!!

Learn Local SEO from one of the greatest Local SEO specialists in Kent and the surrounding areas ( 20 miles radius of Canterbury )

Hey guys! Kevin Bland here again with yet another amazing resource for all you newbie SEOs and a few high-end Rockstar SEOs that want to brush up on their skills to take them to the next level of SEO Rockstardom.

Anyway, let’s kick off with this fully comprehensive SEO guide.


What is Local SEO?

What guide would be complete without asking “What is” then adding the keyword that they want to rank for. Well this Local SEO guide is no different. Local SEO is vital for SEOs who can’t really do proper SEO, but need to feed themselves and maybe their young families. School shoes are expensive, food prices are going up and the economy is fucked with Brexit and all these immigrants coming into the country, offering SEO at below the market average.

UK SEOs are charging less much less than American SEOs due to all the immigration and Brexit. That’s why we as a nation need to vote UKIP at the next general election. Stop these Immigrants and Americans taking all the clients, then maybe we wouldn’t have to bother with this local SEO shite.

Local SEO is also vital for local businesses that want to get more business from local people who probably know they are there anyway, but now want to look online just to make sure they are still there, or check opening times.

Local SEO has become one of the most important and effective strategies for businesses to gain a “slight” edge against their local competitors and could result in an additional £1600 per year in turnover!!! When you take away the Local SEO consultant fees from that, then that business will make £20!!! Now that’s ROI!!!!!


Local SEO. Que?

Basically, Local SEO is a really easy way for SEO millennials to earn £25k per year for a highly sought after skill that took me a weekend to learn back in 2009.


So What exactly is Local SEO?

Local SEO is what it is. Trial and error. See what works and what doesn’t. Do more of the stuff that works and much less of the stuff that doesn’t work. The key to Local SEO is timing. Time and time again when it comes to finding the strategy that works best for your clients’ businesses, I always say “give local SEO time”. In time you will rank them locally without much effort, and you’ll rank for fuck all else that’s important. But don’t tell your clients this.

Google’s Local algorithms make local SEO even easier to do. You really only have to do just one thing. 


Yes that’s right, you only have to do one tiny little thing!!!

Add your local business to Google Business. Again, don’t tell your client this, as you want to add in a few more “make believe tasks” like local citation building to really boost your monthly retainer for doing nothing.


So please explain what Local SEO is and how I can do Local SEO and make Money from Local SEO?

Here’s what to do when it comes to Local SEO.

First up, you need to add your client’s business to Google My Business.

Make sure you fully complete every part of the Google My Business form. Once everything is added and you’ve verified the listing, you can run off an invoice to your client.


What other ongoing Local SEO tasks do I need to do on a monthly basis.

There’s a number of things you need to tell your client that you are doing…..but whatever you do, don’t do them!!!

  • Local SEO audits
  • Local Competitor Analysis
  • Local SEO Link Building
  • Local Directory Optimisation Fusion
  • Local Fusion Of Social Optimisation Funnel Alignments
  • Digital Local PR
  • Local PR
  • PR
  • Local Landing Pages ( example – Fishmongers Whitstable, Fishmongers Canterbury, Fishmongers Chestfield, Fishmongers Faversham ) You really need to create locally optimised landing pages for every single town and village within 52 miles of your client’s business.
  • Local Citations. This is another name for links on directories. Pro tip outsource to Whitespark and charge client £50 per citation. You really don’t need links when it comes to local seo, but it’s good to get them so you can actually show the client that you’re doing something for the huge fees you’ll be able to charge them.

I hope this local SEO guide for those SEOs who can’t rank globally, can give you a great inspiration and hope with finding something that you can do that will make you a bit of money within SEO.

All the best


Kevin Bland ( aka. K.Bomb )


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