The Best Marketing Buzz Tweets Of MozCon 2014 Round Up

Due to popular demand (I’ve had 4 visits since my Mozcon Roundup of Roundups was published which means someone other than me, my mum and Nanna are reading this blog)

To give my visitor(s) more of what you want I thought I would do my own Mozcon round up of some of my top tweets from the conference.

As it’s hard to get any context when all these SEO/Content/Inbounders tweet these epic sound bites from influencers like Will Reynolds and Randfish-kin I added some stock images to make them come alive.

Now, I’m off to buy a ticket to Mozcon 2015 so if you’re reading this Roger I plan on going on a diet after the Warhammer event in Bexley as my team Captain Chaos Eldar John said they can’t afford to buy shirts in my size any more so will you order me an American 4XL t-shirt for my goody bag.

Kev xx

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