The Google SEO Hangout Hell Holes

I love a good Google SEO Hang out. I normally settle down in front of my computer after a long hard day in front of my computer, with a pizza in one hand and a can of Dr Pepper in the other. I then just kick back and relax, listening to the many SEO experts talk about SEO. It’s not just about SEO though! They also have some incredible and hilarious banter between them. LOL!

These hangouts provide lots of value to us viewers when it comes SEO, as these SEO experts know more about SEO tactics from 2006 than anyone in the industry! The hangouts also provide the opportunity for these lonely SEOs to have friends and perhaps find love.

The one thing I don’t like about these Google SEO hangouts are the hell holes they are filmed in. If you’re going to invite people into your bedrooms or offices, at least have a bit of a tidy up!

I thought I’d name and shame some of the worst offenders when it comes to personal hygiene in front of the camera and the rotten shit hole they are sitting in.

So sit back, relax and enjoy my hell hole round up!

8. I haven’t a clue who this guy is.

He’s probably a nice guy. But he fails when it comes to doing hangouts because we can all see his fucking clothes hanging up! It’s not even a proper wardrobe. It’s one of those clothes storage things that you have when you’re a student.

best seo hangout backgrounds -07

7. Bill Swazisikwhozki.

What a shit hole he’s in! The walls look like they’re coated in nicotine and spunk!

best seo hangout backgrounds -02

6. This guy looks angry!

He’s down in my SEO Hangout Hell Hole list because of his bad art on the wall behind him. Also he looks like he wants blood and will stop at nothing to get it.

best seo hangout backgrounds -03

5. Rupert

He lives in such a hell hole that he had to cover the entire room in curtains. He’s also in this list because of the state of his hair. Have you ever considered using a comb or even washing your dry / hay like hair?


4. Bazza

I like Barry. He’s a nice guy. But that wallpaper boarder has to go mate!

best seo hangout backgrounds -11

3. This guy is an Google SEO Hangout Hell Hole LEGEND!!!

Not only is he in a shit hole, but he also has some fucked up art that I never thought could even exist!

best seo hangout backgrounds -13

To top it off, he’s smoking while he’s talking to his fellow SEO hangouters! HE. DOES. NOT. GIVE. A. FUCK!

best seo hangout backgrounds -12-2

2. Big Beard

This big bearded monster of SEO looks like he’s in a secret sordid sex basement that has the pungent smell of baby oil and pizza. (pretty much like what my bedroom smells like)

best seo hangout backgrounds -14

1. And the top spot goes to Terry Van Horne!!!

This guy is like the Yoda of SEO. He also doesn’t give a shit about where he’s transmitting from. He’s got a laundry basket there, his wardrobe open revealing his suit that he wore to a wedding back in 1976 and an old dusty porn box next to his unmade bed.


If you spot any SEO Hangout Hell Holes, please feel free to email them to me at theshitseo at gmail dot com and I’ll credit you with a link on this powerhouse of a website.

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