The Naked SEO Aims To Win The MozCon Sticker Competition

One of my best friends within the SEO industry is an American called Joel Klettke who runs a website copy spinning business called Business Casual Copywriting

Joel (AKA the best looking boy in the world) who lives in France near Canada, had the amazing inbound idea of setting up a sticker placement competiton at the 2nd best SEO conference in the world, MOZCON.

The idea is that you have to find Joel at the conference, say hi and then he’ll give you one of these stickers.


You then have to place them somewhere fun like on your head (you guys are crazy!)


Or on your laptop (You crazy motherfucker!)


You then have to tweet it either to Joel or to the #kissasscopy hashtag.

The winner will win a cool $100!!

Bitch I’m in for that!

So I put my thinking hat on for like 10 minutes, then took it off along with all my clothes and took a naked selfie of me in my SEO den with the Business Casual Copy Sticker placed somewhere in the office.

Can you find it? Probably not as your eyes are fixated on my amazing body.


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