The Top Ten Hottest Females In SEO 2014

I know what you’re thinking. Kevin Bland is being a sexist pig! Well this time you’re wrong. When I say “Hottest Females in SEO” I actually mean “Most Talented”  as in who is totally amazing at what they do. The reason why I put “Hottest Females” in the title is purely down to click baiting. I want your clicks!

This post has taken over 40 hours of analysis and has taken into account over 345 female SEOs from all over the world. It’s been a tough job but I have finally got this list down to the Top 10 Female SEOs in the world.

I hope you enjoy my list, and if I’ve missed anyone out, please feel free to leave a suggestion in the comments.


10. Tierney Young


9. Tierney Young


8. Tierney Young


7. Tierney Young – Looking after ones self is important in SEO.



6. Tierney Young – Not many SEOs can do this!


5. Tierney Young



4. Jennifer Sable – Hot and sweaty from being awesome at social media / SEO.
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3. Julie Joyce


Julie Joyce owns and runs and I bet she smells nothing like fish. I reckon she smells of rainbows and new born unicorns. She is a MILF (Marketer I Like To Follow) due to her incredible insightful SEO & link building views and opinions.

Also I fucking love red heads. They get me all hot under the collar and give me a really sweaty back. I love being sweaty and I love SEO. Julie provides me with both of these joys in life.

2. Kirsty Hulse


1. Tierney Young

Just want to say congrats to Tierney Young from 
Your prize is an all expenses spared, dinner for four with me and my parents at Whitstable Beefeater.

Bad luck Kirsty Hulse, but you don’t go away empty handed. You get a two tickets to warhammer fest 2015 (I have to go with you as my name is on one of the tickets – bit of a mix up).

Love you all.



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